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SOAR is the system we use at Cockshut to ensure all students follow, and are rewarded for following, our high and professional expectations that will prepare them for later life. We believe all students need to be smart, organised, ambitious and respectful every day in order to provide them with the skills they need to excel, as well as the grades. These professional expectations will allow them to compete with students across the country and get the very best possible jobs our students wish to strive towards. We believe that positive reinforcement is the best way to ensure this happens. Students are rewarded with positive stamps every day they follow these expectations. Students can then collect these stamps and spend them on a rewards website. Every half term we reward students who have followed our expectations consistently. They receive gifts, certificates and trophies. It is this positive approach that we believe will lead to all students following our high expectations.



The Main 4

Learn 2 Earn

Learn 2 Earn is designed to reward students for their high standards across the SOAR programme. When students have earned a certain amount of points/stamps they can exchange them using the Learn 2 Earn website. Below is a Youtube video which talks about Learn 2 Earn; you will also find a link to the website where you can log in.

How it works

Examples of Prizes