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GCSE Spanish
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GCSE Spanish or French

Course Details

Course title: GCSE Spanish or French
Exam board: AQA
Available grades: 9-1
Content overview: AO1: Listening  AO2: Speaking  AO3: ReadingAO4: Writing
Assessment: AO1: Listening – understand and respond to different types of spoken language – 35 mins (F)/45 mins (H)

AO2: Speaking – communicate and interact effectively in speech – 7-9 mins (F)/10-12 mins (H)

AO3: Reading – understand and respond to different types of written language – 45 mins (F)/1 hour (H)

AO4: Writing – communicate in writing – 1 hour (F)/1 hour 15 mins (H)

Skills required to be successful:
  • Good knowledge of vocabulary and structures
  • Application of a range of language in a coherent manner
  • To have a range of skills within language learning
  • A passion for culture, language and learning
Further study links: A Level Modern Foreign Languages

Teaching Assistant in a foreign country


Career opportunities:
  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Detective
  • Teacher
  • Government Worker
  • Consultant
  • Business Executive
  • Global Business Roles
  • Private Tutor
  • Any role in a foreign country