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GCSE Music
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GCSE Music

Course Details

Course title: BTEC Music
Exam board: Pearsons
Available grades: Level 1 Pass – Level 2 Distiction*
Content overview: Unit 1 The Music industry is worth 25% (written exam)  Students will explore the job roles and organisations that make up the music industry.

Unit 2 Managing a Music Product is worth 25% enables learners to manage the planning, delivery and promotion of a live concert, CD, or other music product.  The success of their music product will rely heavily on the planning and development process.

Unit 4 Introducing Music Composition is worth 25% students will be introduced to ways to extend, develop and shape music that suits different situations. Briefs will be used to present students with real-life compositional challenges that may require the composition of a very short piece, e.g. for a 20 second TV advert, or a more extended composition, e.g. for a film scene.

Unit 5 Introducing Music Performance is worth 25% students will explore skills and make decisions as they prepare for performance. Planning and practising are both vital parts of a successful performance

Assessment: 3X Coursework Units (75% of course)

  • Solo Performance
  • Composition

1 x written exam (25% of the course)

Skills required to be successful:
Must be able to play an instrument or sing to a good standard (musical grade 3)Analysis skills – to collect and gather information and see a problem or situation from different viewpoints Evaluation skills – to access the credibility of the claims people make
Further study links: A level Music
L3 BTEC national music
Music Production Diploma Level 3RSL L3 Music Practitioner
Career opportunities:
  • Music teacher
  • Music therapist
  • Musician
  • Composer
  • Music
  • Arranger
  • Lyricist
  • Music Producer
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Events Manager
  • Radio Producer
  • Conductor