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Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

Why study?

Students study because they treasure opportunities to learn. Our students understand that in order to make excellent progress towards bright futures, they need to take responsibility for their own success and study beyond the classroom walls. Study at Cockshut Hill has three core purposes:

  1. We want you to have the very best opportunities and chances of success when you leave school. Achieving good GCSE results will help you do that and the qualifications are yours for the rest of your life.
  2. To gain good grades at GCSE, you need to work hard every lesson, every day. If you are in school every single day for your 5 years at Cockshut Hill, you will have 4,625 total hours of practice.
  3. We want to make studying at home and with parent/carers as easy as possible.

Study at Cockshut Hill will be used:

  • To prepare for new learning taking place in your lessons.
  • To consolidate the learning that has taken place during a lesson, giving you the opportunity to practice and refine particular aspects of your knowledge, and understanding.
  • To stretch your knowledge and understanding beyond the curriculum.