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Key Stage 3 Achievement

Key Stage 3 Achievement

David Hargreaves
Year 7 Achievement Leader


Chanel Knight
Year 8 Achievement Leader


Abu Saeed
Year 9 Achievement Leader


Assessments at Cockshut Hill

On arrival in Year 7 students will sit a national baseline test to establish ambitious targets and gauge their starting point in English and Mathematics. From these test scores and in line with other national data we are able to establish a challenging target for all subjects.


Students will receive a score off the standards criteria detailed below which will be their starting point at the beginning of Year 7.


Our internal grading system allows students, parents and carers to track their progress over time. The grading system is divided in to 3 categories DEVELOPING, ASSURED, EXTENDED and then further fine grading of 1-3 for each category. The fine grading allows students to see how secure they are within each category.

Developing – working towards the expected standard.

Assured – working at the expected standard.

Extended – working at greater depth within the expected standard.

How do we assess students at Key Stage 3?

Some students on arrival at Cockshut Hill School may not yet be working at a level on our D1-E3 tracking system in English and Mathematics. For these students they will be placed on a continuum where their progress in specific mathematics skills, reading and writing will be monitored. Students that are in line with the continuum and not yet reaching the expected standard in Year 7 will be given additional support and interventions in both subjects to ensure they achieve in line with national expectations by their assessment point in the summer.


The minimum expected progress that a student will make is 1 sublevel per term. Therefore, if a student’s starting point in Mathematics is a D3, by the end of Year 7 they should be achieving an A3.


Students targets will remain the same each year in Key Stage 3. If a student has a target of an A2 in English in Year 7, their target will be A2 in Year 8 and Year 9. The standards criteria will get harder year on year meaning the level of challenge increases each academic year to reach their target.

KS3 and GCSE grades

Formative and Summative Assessment


  • Students will receive ongoing formative assessment throughout the academic year
  • Students will sit formative assessment pieces (FAP) in all subjects every half term. They will sit 2 FAP’s in core subjects (English, Maths and Science) and 1 per half term in all other subjects
  • Each FAP that students sit will be marked and students will receive feedback on areas of improvement, students will then respond to this feedback to allow them the opportunity to improve their work and make progress
  • Teachers will complete a Question Level Analysis of each FAP that students sit to identify any gaps in knowledge or application for each individual student. This allows teachers to plan effectively to ensure students make the necessary progress towards target identifying where retrieval or additional specific support may be required
  • Teachers will inform students after each formative assessment piece of whether they are below, on track or exceeding expectations to achieve their target by the end of the academic year
  • Student’s progress to target grade in each subject will be detailed on their progress tracker in the front of their book and will be reported home to parents alongside, reading age attendance and behaviour data twice a year
  • Students will sit 1 summative assessment per year in the summer term which will give them an end of year grade and will be reported home to parents in their final year academic report

Reading Assessment


Students reading ages will be tracked on arrival at Cockshut Hill through accelerated reader using the star tests. Students will receive a ZPD range which will give them an indication of what books they should be selected to ensure challenge and improve their reading ages.


Students reading and spelling will be tested at the beginning and end of each academic year.

Reporting Home


Students will receive 3 reports home per year. The first 2 reports will detail:

  • Commitment to learning in each subject
  • Progress to target grade in each subject
  • Reading age
  • Attendance
  • SOAR points
  • Behaviour tiers

The final report will detail their grade in each subject achieved in their end of year summative assessment.

Parents will also be invited to attend a parents evening once a year where they will have the opportunity to speak to their child’s class teachers, the achievement leader, support staff and members of the senior team.

Parent Evenings

VIRTUAL: Year 9 Parents’ evening: Tuesday 25th January 2022 at 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Year 9 Options evening: Tuesday 8th February 2022 – time TBC

Year 7 Parents’ evening: Tuesday 8th March 2022 at 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Year 8 Parents’ evening: Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 4:30pm – 6:30pm


Assessment Points

Term dates 2021-2022




6th September – 22ndOctober

Baseline English/Maths

Reading and spelling assessment

Maths assessment

Reading assessment

Reading assessment

1st November – 17thDecember

Maths, reading and spelling assessment for those below national expectations

On/off track assessment against target in all subjects

Maths, reading and spelling assessment for those below national expectations

On/off track assessment against target in all subjects

Reading and spelling assessment for those below national expectations

Assessment in all subjects

3rd January – 18thFebruary

28th February – 8thApril

Maths, reading and spelling assessment for those below national expectations

On/off track assessment against target in all subjects

Maths, reading and spelling assessment for those below national expectations

On/off track assessment against target in all subjects

Maths, reading and spelling assessment for those below national expectations

25th April – 27th May

Summative assessment in all subjects

Summative assessment in all subjects

6th June – 22nd July

Maths, reading, spelling assessment for all

Maths, reading spelling assessment for all

Ebacc pre-GCSE assessment window and access testing for all

Reading tests for all

Homework Policy

 Home Learning Cockshut Hill School


  • All students in Key Stage 3 will be set homework by class teachers.
  • Students will also be expected to read at home on a regular basis.
  • Students will be expected to write their homework into their planners and the date that it will need to be handed in.
  • If students do not complete homework on a regular basis parents will be informed.


Revision Links

Subjects website links and login info…
Computer Studies
Design Technology  
English Reading:  – this is the link to our school’s Accelerated Reader platform where students can quiz on books they have read.  – Discover new books and authors. – A multimedia resource with a history stretching back over a century.
Writing:  – Topic specific revision materials and interactive tasks – Interactive tasks – Games and Puzzles  – Never be stuck for a rhyming word again!  – Online dictionary and word games – Find synonyms and antonyms for your writing
Grammar: – quizzes and tests to revise grammar and terminology
(login details are the students name, DOB, then their own password which can be reset by their class teacher – tasks are set fortnightly for all students by their teacher based on what was covered in class two weeks’ prior or the QLAs).
We follow the Edexcel exam board so any revision guides by this board are best
Other useful links:
MFL A great website to practise key vocabulary through games:
Username: cockshut
Password: mfl123
A useful website for key topic information and vocabulary: 
A brilliant website to practise grammar:
To practise listening skills through fun, modern music:
Religious Education
Science Required practical’s for Science can be accessed and completed as simulations on:
Username: student@cockshuthill32251
Password: 52axen0kn -Online revision resource for KS3