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Subject leader:

  • Dan Barclay
  • Email:


Subject staff:

  • Arlene Croydon
  • Nuala Cunningham
  • Anna Hassell (maternity leave)


Key Stage 4 curriculum overview:

The GCSE exam is split into four topics which pupils study over two years. There are two exams, two topics per exam. Paper 1 is focused on Nazi Germany and the causes of the Second World War. Paper 2 is focused on Medicine through time from 1000-2000AD and Queen Elizabeth.


Knowledge check dates:

  • Every lesson begins with a 10 question knowledge check of past lessons.
  • Longer knowledge checks also happen every month for an assessment.


Mid-term assessment dates:

  • Year 10 have an assessment every month at the end of a small topic. They also have their first PPE in April.
  • Year 11 PPE’s are in November and February.




Suggested guides to buy:


History Pixl App:


Extra Curricular

Year 11 revision is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school in G50.