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Key Stage 4 Implementation

Key Stage 4 Implementation

Curriculum and Provision

Cockshut Hill School’s curriculum policy is based on the following aims, to:

  • Have students at its heart, putting their interests above those of the institution.
  • Have a curriculum that is fit for purpose, offering differentiation and personalisation.
  • Be a centre of excellence in learning and teaching.
  • Prepare all students for a successful adult and working life in a 21st century global society.
  • Give students the opportunity to have important new cultural experiences in the Cockshut Hill Cultural Capital Programme.
  • Be committed to excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Nurture the talents of all and celebrate success.
  • Work with Primary schools to ease transition.
  • Involve the community.
  • Involve parents/carers.
  • Be in a learning environment that is above all else, inspiring.
  • We work closely with sixth form providers (especially our Trust provider Solihull sixth form college) to ensure students fulfil ambitions to study level 3 qualifications.



Key Stage 4 Journey

Key stage 4 Subject Advice Contacts