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Subject leader:

Mr A Khan



Subject staff:

  • Miss M Ahmad
  • Mr A Khan
  • Mr B Lumley
  • Mr R Singh
  • Mr S Spiers
  • Mrs M Spiers
  • Mr Underwood
  • Mr A Whittaker


Key Stage 3 curriculum overview:


Pupils follow a new Key Stage 3 curriculum, which has been planned across all three secondary schools in the Trust.


The scheme of lessons taught in year 7 cover a range of topics from all three disciplines including:

  • Biology (Cells, Organs, Reproduction, Ecology and Interdependence)
  • Chemistry (Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Physical, Separating, Basics and Reactions)
  • Physics (Space, Waves and Force

The scheme of lessons taught in year 8 cover a range of topics from all three disciplines including:

  • Biology (Adaptation, Health, Variation, Evolution and Respiration)
  • Chemistry (Climate, Neutralisation, Rates, Atoms, Metals and Products)
  • Physics (Energy, Spectrum, Electricity and Magnetism)

The curriculum taught in year 9 focuses on developing essential skills in preparation for the content they will encounter when starting GCSEs. The scheme of lessons includes:

  • Biology (The Human Body, Environment, Evolution and Inheritance)
  • Chemistry (Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Chemistry in our World)
  • Physics (Energy, Force and Matter, Electricity, Magnetism and Waves)

*Fundamental British values have been embedded throughout the science curriculum.


Knowledge check dates:





Mid-term assessment dates:

The dates below state the date of when knowledge checks begin for Year 7-9, unless stated otherwise. The assessments will be completed within two weeks of the starting date mentioned below.

Midterm Assessment Period: Week beginning 22nd January 2018

End of Term Assessment Period: Week beginning 4th June 2018





Science Club: Every Thurs 3.10pm – 4.00pm (Yr 7-8)