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Subject leader:

  • Raynah Thomas

Subject staff:

  • Lead Practitioner – Laura Larkin
  • Lead Practitioner (maternity) – Nathalie Wright
  • KS4 Curriculum Expert – Gemma Partridge
  • KS3 Curriculum Expert – Noreen Healy
  • Teacher of English – Lynsey Wheeldon
  • Teacher of English – Stella Skillen
  • Teacher of English – Laura Moore
  • Teacher of English – Emma Betts
  • Teacher of English –
  • EAL – Anna Simpson
  • EAL – (maternity) Anna Uduozo
  • Assistant Principal/Teacher of English – Anne Marie Keane

Key Stage 3 curriculum overview:

At Cockshut Hill we deliver a KS3 English curriculum which prepares students thoroughly for the demands of the Language and Literature GCSEs they will study in Years 10 and 11. Students are taught how to retrieve information effectively, to comment on language in fiction and non fiction texts, to understand how writers’ structural choices affect readers, and to summarise and synthesise texts. They also have many opportunities to create their own texts, beginning with autobiographical writing in Year 7.  We value creativity and teach the skills needed to effectively describe a scene and deliver a narrative. Students read a selection of challenging texts, ranging from ‘Lord of the Flies’ in Year 7 to ‘Animal Farm’ in Year 9, and are exposed to a full range of poetry and drama, including work by Shakespeare and Dickens. We also dedicate lesson time to developing independent reading and to foster a love of the written word.


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