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Engineering Cambridge National

Engineering Cambridge National

Course Details

Course title: Cambridge National Engineering Design Award Certificate.
Exam board: OCR
Available grades: Level 1 and Level 2
Content overview: Engineering design is a process used to identify market opportunities and solve problems which contribute to the development of new products and systems. This qualification is aimed at learners who wish to study the processes involved in designing new engineered products and the requirements of a design specification. Through research and practical activities, learners will understand how market requirements and opportunities inform client briefs and will use practical skills such as drawing, computer modelling and model making to communicate design ideas. The Cambridge Nationals in Engineering Design encourage learners to communicate and consult with a client to develop a viable and innovative product. Learners will apply practical skills to produce a prototype in the form of a model and test design ideas to inform further product development. Through refection learners evaluate the prototype, making a comparable outcome against specification points, and assess possible, practical solutions and improvements to their prototype design. A practical approach to teaching and learning will provide learners with knowledge in engineering technology and develop critical thinking, creativity and dextrous skills through engaging practical experiences.
Assessment: The OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Award in Engineering Design consists of two mandatory units. The OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Engineering Design consists of four mandatory units.

Cambridge National Award:  2 units 

  • R105: Design briefs, design specifications and user requirements.  Written paper OCR set and marked 1 hour – 60 marks (60 UMS) Learners answer all questions.
  • R106: Product analysis and research.  Centre assessed tasks OCR moderated Approx 10–12 hours – 60 marks (60 UMS)

Cambridge National Certificate: 2 units 

Both of the above assessments (as for Award) and the following mandatory units.

  • R107: Developing and presenting engineering designs. Centre assessed tasks OCR moderated Approx 10–12 hours – 60 marks (60 UMS)
  • R108: 3D design realisation. Centre assessed tasks OCR moderated Approx 10–12 hours – 60 marks (60 UMS)
Skills required to be successful: Being creative, imaginative and seeing how problems can be solved.  Awareness of 3D concepts, being able to use workshop tools and machinery including the use of power tools.  This course also has the opportunities to apply knowledge from other disciplines, including mathematics, science, art and design, computing and the humanities. Being able to work independently, safely and set own target dates. Be willing and able to learn how to use 2D and 3D CAD software packages.
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Career opportunities:
  • Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Architect
  • Teacher
  • Concept Designer
  • Games Designer
  • Electrical and Mechanical engineer Mechanic
  • Textiles engineer
  • Interior designer
  • CAD Technician.