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Cultural Experiences


At Cockshut Hill we pride ourselves on our commitment to create rounded individuals, not just students who do well in exams but students who are socially conscious and have a strong understanding of the world around them and their place within it.

Our Cultural Experiences programme is therefore designed to open up students’ minds to possibilities. What does a successful life look like? What else is out there to help me become a good citizen? And am I experiencing all there is to offer in society?

Cockshut Hill is also a school that has a population of students who experience extreme deprivation with over 54% of students officially defined as disadvantaged.

With this in mind we have created a virtual cultural capital passport for students to collate as they move through the school.

In years 7-10 all students get to experience two external visits specifically designed to give them cultural experiences that they may not have either experienced before or are unlikely to experience in the near future. Year 11 students have one external visit.

All experiences are paid for by the school – this includes ticket prices and travel expenses. No child should experience less than others because of their financial circumstances.

Examples of the most successful visits include year 10 going to an evening performance of A Christmas Carol by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford. Not only did this provide a valuable new experience to many it also linked into their GCSE programme of study.

All of Year 7 visit Cannock Chase at the beginning of their first secondary school year to participate in team building adventure activities. This enables students from over 60 different feeder schools to build relationships and forge friendships for life.

Cultural Capital is vital at Cockshut Hill to show students what life chances they can aspire to. It also provides them with a chance to adapt to different environments and broaden their aspirations, build their social awareness skills and also feel rewarded for the efforts they put in whilst at school. It also fully compliments our curriculums at KS3 and KS4 and enables students to make links between their school work and their lives moving forward.

Our Programme!

Year 7 (click for more)

Beaudesert Activity Centre

Within the first few weeks of starting secondary school in September 2019, year 7 visited Beaudesert for a day packed full of exciting challenges including Archery, Tree Climbing, Crate Stacking and Problem Solving.

Birmingham City Centre

In the summer term 2020, Year 7 will visit Birmingham City Centre. Visiting the Cathedral, Museum and Library will enable students to get a real feel of the culture in their home city.

students an thorough understanding of how songs are put together.

Year 8 (click for more)

Black Country Living Museum

In October 2019, Year 8 visited the Black Country Living Museum for a truly remarkable insight into the history of the local area. Spending the day with the excellent tour guides ensured all students had a fantastic and informative day.


Year 8 are also looking forward to visiting Weston Super Mare in the summer term 2020. This fantastic experience will give students the opportunity to get the sand between their toes as well as visiting the historic Grand Pier. Let’s hope for sunshine!

Year 9 (click for more)

University Visits

January/February 2020 has seen students in Year 9 visit a range of universities across the country. This is tied into the Options process while students are deciding the pathway they wish to follow at GCSE level. Students had a great insight into university life at Cambridge, Oxford, University of Birmingham, Gloucester University, Birmingham City University and Newman University.

Places of Worship

In the summer term, Year 9 will visit a number of religious places of worship across the city. This will give students a real insight in different religions, beliefs and the cultures surrounding these various places of worship, as well as developing mutual respect.

Year 10 (click for more)

Macbeth at The Globe, London

A true highlight of the Cultural Capital calendar. A visit to the world renowned Globe theatre at the end of February 2020. Year 10 will watch a captivating educational edition of Macbeth. Not only linked to their GCSE course but giving the students a once in a lifetime experience. Year 10 will also visit the Tate Modern whilst in London.

Year 11 (click for more)

London Visit

Year 11 are looking forward to a sight-seeing tour of the capital in March 2020, taking in the sights of Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. A much welcomed break from the everyday stresses of life as a Year 11 student.