0121 289 5900 | Principal: Mr Bridges


Attendance Phone

0121 289 5900 – (OPTION 1)


  • Good attendance is essential for learning. 
  • Students with 97% attendance and above gain higher grades. 
  • Holidays are not authorised to be taken in term time. 
  • If students are ill and unable to attend school parents/carers must contact the school before registration on the first day of absence and the school kept up-to-date. (Tel: 0121 289 5913)
  • All students’ attendance is monitored daily.

Attendance at Cockshut Hill is critical and is expected to be at least 97% if your child is to be successful. Should your child’s attendance fall below 92% and reasons are not authorised by the school your child’s attendance will be monitored as part of SPOTLIGHT.

Should your child’s attendance fall below 90% it will be referred to Education Welfare and could result in court action.

Attendance Protocols


  • If you are absent from school get your parent/carer to ring in to the Attendance Team.
  • If you have a medical appointment ie Doctor, Hospital, Dentist etc – bring in proof to the Student Services Office.
  • If you know you are going for a medical appointment in advance – bring in the appointment letter to the Attendance Office before you’re due to go, especially if  the appointment  is first thing in the morning – that way we will not send truancy call to your parents
  • If possible do not take the whole day off for a medical appointment.  It is better to at least have one mark during the day – try to make them first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon if you can.  
  • If we are not aware of your absence, truancy call will be sent out

Remember – poor attendance and unauthorised absence can result in parents being be fined or taken to court.

Leaving school early for an appointment

  • If you have to leave school early for an appointment you must bring in the appointment letter and get your parent/carer to write you a note (it can be in your planner) as to what time you need to leave school and if they are picking you up.  If you are in a lesson you can then show this to your teacher.
  • Come and sign out at the Attendance Office who will give you a signing out slip in case you or your parents are stopped by the Police.  This is proof that you have the authority to be out of school and are not truanting.


  • If you are late to school and arrive after the gates are locked at 8.40am but before the end of form time at 9.10am, enter through Gate 6 (by the boys gym).  Here, you will sign you in and be given a late card.  If you arrive to form 5 minutes after you sign in you will be given a B3.
  • If you arrive after 9.10am you must enter school through Gate 1 (reception) and come directly to the attendance office to sign in.  Again you will be given a card and if you arrive to lesson 5 minutes after this has been signed you will be given a B3.  If there is a genuine reason why you are late ask your parents to sign your planner or give you a note or even ring in to the Attendance Team to let us know.
  • If you are persistently late then a letter will be sent to your parents regularly
  • If you are late, truancy call will be sent to your parents to let them know you have arrived late


Leave in term time

If you need to request time off school for any reason, then a ‘Leave in Term Time’ Absence form should be filled in.  These are obtainable from the Attendance Office or Reception.  Your parents must fill this in and return to the Attendance Office for consideration by the Principal.  When a decision has been made your parents will be sent a copy of the form back.

Please remember that parents can be fined for taking students out of school during term time