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Cockshut Hill charity committee students donate care packages to the local community and organise Easter fundraising

Students on the charity committee at Cockshut Hill School have worked really hard this half term and have already raised £270.  Some of the money has been spent on buying care packages to support families in need in the local community. 

20 care packages have been bought with the some of the funds raised from Morrison’s at Small Heath with a discount that was kindly provided by the Fresh Food Manager, Sikander Arshad.  The packages consist of basics, pasta, rice and cereals, mash, vegetables, soup and chocolates.

A postcard has been placed onto each of the packages with a message from the Principal which reads: 

“Our students have been working hard to raise money & we at Cockshut Hill want to look after our school community as best we can.  We know times are hard and to help you we would like to give you our CHS care package for the start of Ramadan and Easter.  Thank you for your ongoing support and please know we are always here to support you.”

Some of the funds have also been used to buy items for St Thomas’s foodbank in Garretts Green.  The charity committee are now selling raffle tickets to win one of two Easter hampers and the money raised will be used to further help those in the local community.

“I am so proud of the students on our charity committee here at Cockshut Hill, they work tirelessly to raise money to help those in need in the local community.  Thanks to their dedication, we hope some families will have their lives made a little bit easier.”

Jason Bridges – Principal