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Our Leadership team students visit the Green Lane Masjid

Members of the student leadership team, including head students Faie and Ahmed from Cockshut Hill School visited the Green Lane Masjid this month as part of their working relationship. 

The aim of the visit was to gain insight into the work the Masjid does to support the community.  Whilst there, the students were given a tour of the Masjid and the Education Lead there spoke to them about the religion of Islam.

Last November, the Principal, Mr Bridges and Vice Principal,  Mr O’Malley attended the Green Lane Masjid Gala Dinner, at which the school received an award in recognition of their support and partnership with the Green Lane Masjid.  The school also acts as a collection point for the food bank at the Green Lane Masjid. 

The Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre aims to inspire, educate and serve the local community and to inspire people to faith.  They aim to educate Muslims and non-Muslims, both young and old about the true Islamic teachings.

“I am so pleased that our members of our student leadership team were about to visit the Green Lane Masjid this month to hear about the incredible and invaluable work they do to support their community both near and far.

“I am so proud of the great working relationship we have with everyone there; we can learn a lot about how to support our community from them and I look forward to us working more together in the future.”

Jason Bridges – Principal