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Year 7 – Beaudesert Outdoor Activity Centre

This week on the 15th and 17th of September, two groups of Year 7 students visited Beaudesert Outdoor Activity Centre at Cannock Chase for days packed full of exciting challenges including Archery, Tree Climbing, Crate Stacking and Problem Solving. 

All of the Year 7 intake at Cockshut Hill visit Beaudesert at the beginning of their first secondary school year to participate in team building adventure activities. This enables students from over 60 different feeder schools to build relationships and forge friendships for life. 

The visit to Beaudesert is part of Cockshut Hill’s Cultural Experiences programme, which is designed to open students’ minds to possibilities. What does a successful life look like? What else is out there to help me become a good citizen? And am I experiencing all there is to offer in society? 

Cockshut Hill have created a virtual cultural capital passport for students to collate as they move through the school. In years 7-10 all students get to experience two external visits specifically designed to give them cultural experiences that they may not have either experienced before or are unlikely to experience in the near future. Year 11 students have one external visit. 

All experiences are paid for by the school – this includes ticket prices and travel expenses as the school believes that no child should experience less than others because of their financial circumstances. 

Jason Bridges, Principal at Cockshut Hill Said: 

“I am delighted that things are back to normal a bit more this term and that Year 7 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Beaudesert. The Cultural Capital programme at Cockshut Hill provides students with a chance to adapt to different environments, broaden their aspirations, build social awareness skills and feel rewarded for the efforts they put in whilst at school. It also fully compliments our curriculums at KS3 and KS4 and enables students to make links between their schoolwork and their lives moving forward.”