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Cockshut Hill Library / Learning Pad

Mohammed Karim

10 July 2018

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Cockshut Hill Library / Learning Pad

Cockshut Hill Library / Learning Pad

Open 8:20 am – 3:30 pm daily.


All books must be returned or renewed every 7 days.

Please keep your book protected in a plastic pocket or a clean carrier bag.

Please read for at least 20 minutes a day.

All damages and missing books will be charged at cover price plus covering.


Learning Pad includes:

  • Computers
  • printing
  • Internet Access
  • Reference Books


Improve your reading tips:

You can read anything as long as it has a beginning, middle and end. Ideally, it should be more than a paragraph long.

If you don’t have time to read you can listen:



If you don’t like books you can read newspapers for free:

The Independent   .   The Telegraph    .   The Guardian

Free online magazines:

Teen Vogue  .  Teen Ink  .  Drive Tribe  .  PC Gamer

Expand your knowledge and watch these YouTube channels:

Mental Floss  .  Quirkology  .  Big Think  .  TED  .  CrashCourse



Support your child through reading.

  • Ensure your child has a book/audiobook.podcast.newspaper. They can lend these from the school library or public library. Books can also be found online but be sure to check the content.
  • You want your child to form a reading habit, then challenge their tastes and finally test their ability.
  • Talk about what they have read.
  • Listen to you child read aloud, teenager benefit from this also.
  • It is supposed to be fun so don’t put pressure on yourself. Gentle prompts, days out to the library to see events. Birmingham has lots of free literary stuff to do.
  • Remind them to return their library books on time.