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Cockshut "Old Girls" Celebrating 50 Years on!

Darren Mitchell

26 June 2018

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Cockshut “Old Girls” Celebrating 50 Years on!

Today we were honoured to welcome the Cockshut Hill ‘Old Girls’ who are celebrating 50 years on…

9 former ladies who attended Cockshut Hill Girls School from 1963-1968 came back to reminisce and share old photographs and memorabilia. Our guests took a tour of the school, visiting our ‘Kevin Turner Suite’ and attended one of our assemblies. Amongst sharing stories of how it was ‘back then’ there was the official handover of a 1960’s school tie, which has been donated to our collection.

Saving the best to last was the Official celebration cake (handmade). It was a wonderful day for the staff and students involved and big steps to the launch of our ‘Cockshut Hill School Archive.’ If you would like to contribute to our School’s Archive or arrange a tour please contact the School for more information.