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What's Been Happening At Cockshut Hill

May 20

Queens Road Closure: Mon 23rd May – Friday 27th (Please read)

As you may be aware, significant roadworks are taking place in the local area from Monday 23rd May. Queens Road, the through-road – from Church Road to the Meadway – will be closed during the day until the middle of June, which will mean buses as well as cars being re-routed. No doubt, this will cause […]

May 17

Lockdown photographs from Cockshut Hill students displayed in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Photographs taken by students from Cockshut Hill School are on display in the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.  Birmingham based artist and educator Joanna Fursman held online photography workshops with students and their teachers at Cockshut Hill in 2020.  The participating children were those of key workers and those whose attendance at school was deemed essential.  Students were […]

May 17

Cockshut Hill officially relaunch the school library

Cockshut Hill School officially re-launched their school library on the 28th of April following work to upgrade the environment for students.  The location of the library has been moved to be much more central, so it is at the heart of the school and easily accessible to all students. The re-launch took place in the evening and […]

May 17

Our students perform at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Students from Cockshut Hill School performed at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire last month.  The Cockshut Hill Area band was formed in October thanks to the support of Services for Education.  The group: open to all young musicians in the area, rehearse weekly providing an opportunity for students to learn the joy of playing music with others.   Tuesday 5th April saw […]

May 16

Weekly Bulletin

May 5

Uniform Grant from Yardley Education Foundation

The link to apply for a uniform grant from Yardley Educational Foundation is now LIVE: The password is: yef22



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Cockshut Hill

May 2022

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sunday 1st May
Monday 2nd May
  • All Day Bank Holiday - Closed
Tuesday 3rd May
  • All Day Head Student Election
  • 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Year 10 Parents' evening
Wednesday 4th May
Thursday 5th May
Friday 6th May
Saturday 7th May
Sunday 8th May
Monday 9th May
  • All Day Alder House Competition
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Monday 23rd May
  • All Day House Captains Elected
  • Year 8 HPV
  • Year 8 and 9 MMR
Tuesday 24th May
Wednesday 25th May
Thursday 26th May
Friday 27th May
  • 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Break up for half term 3pm
Saturday 28th May
Sunday 29th May
Monday 30th May
  • All Day HALF TERM
Tuesday 31st May
  • All Day HALF TERM

June 2022

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Wednesday 1st June
  • All Day HALF TERM
Thursday 2nd June
  • All Day HALF TERM
Friday 3rd June
  • All Day HALF TERM
Saturday 4th June
Sunday 5th June
Monday 6th June
  • All Day CRAR competition
  • Transition visits begin
  • 8:30 am – 3:00 pm Student Return
Tuesday 7th June
Wednesday 8th June
  • All Day Year 8 Weston Trip
Thursday 9th June
  • All Day Year 8 Weston Trip
Friday 10th June
Saturday 11th June
Sunday 12th June
Monday 13th June
  • All Day Creative writing competition
Tuesday 14th June
  • 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Year 8 parents evening
Wednesday 15th June
Thursday 16th June
Friday 17th June
Saturday 18th June
Sunday 19th June
Monday 20th June
Tuesday 21st June
Wednesday 22nd June
Thursday 23rd June
Friday 24th June
  • All Day Year 11 Leavers Assembly
Saturday 25th June
Sunday 26th June
Monday 27th June
  • All Day INSET Day - Closed
Tuesday 28th June
  • All Day Rockstars Week
Wednesday 29th June
  • All Day Senior Citizens Tea Party
Thursday 30th June

July 2022

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Friday 1st July
Saturday 2nd July
Sunday 3rd July
Monday 4th July
  • All Day Summer Camp week
  • Year 10 Work Experience week
Tuesday 5th July
Wednesday 6th July
  • All Day Transition day
Thursday 7th July
Friday 8th July
  • All Day House Bake Off competition
  • 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm Year 11 Prom
Saturday 9th July
Sunday 10th July
Monday 11th July
Tuesday 12th July
  • 6:00 pm School Production
Wednesday 13th July
  • School Production Ends 8:00 pm
Thursday 14th July
Friday 15th July
  • All Day Sports Day
Saturday 16th July
Sunday 17th July
Monday 18th July
Tuesday 19th July
Wednesday 20th July
Thursday 21st July
  • 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm School Year Ends
Friday 22nd July
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August 2022

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September 2022

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No events.

October 2022

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No events.

November 2022

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No events.

December 2022

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January 2023

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February 2023

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March 2023

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April 2023

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