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Subject leader:

  • Clare Kelly


Subject staff:

  • All Teaching Staff


Key Stage 4 curriculum overview:


ASPIRE lessons are designed to help students to grow and develop as people. They will enable them to consider their own lives and how they respond to others. The lessons fit into four areas.


UNICEF lessons focus on the four general principles that impact young people globally. These are discrimination, participation, best interests and life, survival and development. There are clear connections made to the convention on the rights of the child and links to globalisation and sustainability.


Relationships lessons focus on enabling you to build safe and healthy relationships. They consider issues that may affect relationships, how to build positive relationships and how to cope when things go wrong in relationships. Students look at different types of relationships such as friendship or romantic relationships.


Health and Wellbeing lessons focus on strategies for keeping safe. They look at physical and mental health. Students consider issues that may affect them and strategies for coping with these. It includes areas such as drugs, building resilience and Prevent.


Careers lessons focus on helping students to make good choices for their futures. They explain the many options that are available for further study and provide practical support such as writing CV’s.


Throughout the curriculum there are opportunities to think through and develop fundamental British values. For example the rule of law is discussed in Prevent lessons and the importance of democracy in lessons on Politics.