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Design Technology
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Design Technology

Subject leader:

  • Mr S. Dialpuri
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Subject staff:

  • Miss L Williams
  • Mrs A Burke
  • Mr Q Howell
  • Miss K Newey


Key Stage 3 curriculum overview:


The Design and Technology department aims to create a stimulating learning environment where students learn about materials, processes and creative design thinking.  During key stage 3, students experience a variety of material areas and projects in a 6 week carousel.  Year 7 complete an Induction programme that introduces them to the Design and Technology department.


Material areas include Food, Electronics, including computer controlled manufacture, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles.  Within each material each student completes a focussed ‘design and make’ activity.  These activities develop a number of key skills that students will require to complete their key stage 4 GCSE work in Design Technology and Food.



Knowledge check dates:


  • TBC


Mid-term assessment dates:


Teacher assessments for Year 7 and 8 weeks beginning 22 Jan 2018 and 29 Jan 2018





Robotics club


Trips and visits offered:

Current provided via the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)