Academy Councillors

Academy Councillors

The Council's Role

Our Academy Councils play an important role in supporting the Board of Trustees and providing key elements of local governance for schools. Cockshut Hill School and Lyndon School have a joint council consisting of representatives from both schools.


The Academy Council are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the academy is operating within the mission and ethos of the trust and contributing to the trust’s key strategic priorities.
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching and learning, attendance, behaviour and safety, within the academy and progress against the academy improvement plan.
  • Holding school leaders to account for improvement of standards in the school.
  • Engaging with wider academy activities as a means of monitoring overall quality.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Trusts policy for Safeguarding and that the Academy maintains a ‘culture of vigilance in respect of all safeguarding matters.
  • Appointing all staff except Principals, teaching staff on Leadership Scale and Support Staff on Grade 6 or above.

Cockshut Hill & Lyndon Academy Councillors

Member Name Title
Richard Beamish Chair
Gaetano Ferrante Director of School Improvement Secondary & 6th Form
Jason Bridges Cockshut Hill Principal
Abid Butt Lyndon  Principal
Robert Furnell Cockshut Hill Parent
Javid Iqbal Lyndon Parent
Tamera Robinson Lyndon Parent
Karen Sloan Cockshut Hill  Staff
Ranjit Samrai Lyndon  Staff
Steve Moore Cockshut Hill Student Advocate
Carol Martin Lyndon Student Advocate
MCaroline Hick Trustee Appointee